Student Plans

Getting a post paid mobile connection abroad can be a nightmare for students and their parents, either paying huge deposits or needing an existing credit history. With Matrix mobile connections for students you can avoid all of these problems. Matrix offers the best student mobile phone deals; you can get a Matrix student mobile connection before departure and we offer SIM cards for international travel to students going to the U.K, the U.S.A, Australia, France, Singapore and Germany.

Key Benefits :

  • Local post-paid mobile number with competitive tariffs
  • Free incoming calls in some countries
  • Free talk-time minutes and credit
  • Excellent tariff plans
  • Get your mobile number before departure
  • Free mobile phone
  • Payment in Indian rupees
  • Free itemised billing

Please click on country name for complete tariff details.

Tariff Explanation:

  • All rates are per minute based unless specified particularly
  • “International Roaming” column mentions Vodafone ISD roaming rates approximately for clear understanding of saving with Matrix
  •  “ILLUSTRATION” shows how much saving can be made if your use 10 minute for incoming / local outgoing / India calling with compared to International roaming.

Documents Required:

  1.  Passport
  2.  Visa or Ticket
  3.  Letter from University
  4.  Credit card* front side and Rs 2500 advance payment.

* we take Rs 5000 auth for master/visa and Rs 100 for Amex per sim card